School Improvement - Priorities and Performance

School Improvement Priorities 2018-19

Our priorities this year are:


To Improve the quality of Leadership and Management by ensuring that:

- Teaching is strengthened so it is strong in all year groups 

- Leaders, including middle leaders, develop an accurate understanding of their areas of responsibility 


To improve the quality of Teaching and learning by ensuring that:

- Teachers check pupils' understanding and clarify misconceptions 

- Expectations of behaviour are consistently high

- Pupils deepen their knowledge and understanding across the curriculum 

- Teachers' expectations of pupils' work in all subjects is consistently high

- Pupils who have SEND have work closely matched to their needs

- More able children have tasks that are routinely challenging 

- Pupils in Early Years and KS1 have strong opportunties to apply their phonics skills 

- Lower ability pupils develop their fluency in Reading


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