Structure of Governance

The Board of Directors for the Frays Academy Trust has the overall responsibility for Governance across all of the schools in the Trust.  The Board have made the decision to appoing 'Local' Govering Bodies to be responsible for overseeing the day to day management of the schools and the startegic development.  St Matthew's C.E. Primary School and Cowley St Laurence Primary School wer​e federated prior to the formation of the Multi-Academy Trust and the Board of Directors have kept this governance strucure within the Multi-Academy Trust.

More information about our Board of Directors and Governance structure can be found on the Frays website: Sep 18

Name of Governor Date of Appointment Term of Office Appointed by: Relevant business and pecuniary interest Governance Roles in other Educational Institutions Relationships between either other Governors or staff? Chair of Any committees
Mrs S. Flick-Smith 1st February 2013       No No

School Improvement St Matthew's

Cllr. J. Duncan 1st February 2013     Local Councillor No No  
Cllr. I. Edwards       Local Councillor No No  
Rev, R. Young 1st February 2013     Vicar of St. Matthew's Church No No  
Mrs. L. Ryan         No No  
Mrs L. Simpson 27th November 2017   Parent Governor   No No  
Mrs E. Galko 27th November 2017   Parent Governor   No No  
Mrs V. Williams         No No Local Governing Body
Miss D. Dean         No No Pupil Support  CSL
Mrs C. Allen 1st February 2013       No No School Improvement CSL
Rev. A Bradley 1st April 2016       No No  
      Parent Governor   No No  
Miss C. Richardson 1st March 2010 N/A Head of School - St Matthew's & Cowley St Laurence   No No  
Mr E. Small 9th October 2017   Staff Governor   No No  
Ms. J. Coates 27th November 2017   Staff Governor   No No  


Also in Attendance

Mr C. Cole 1st March 2010 N/A Executive Headteacher / C.E.O   Yes No  
Mrs C. Mosdell   N/A Clerk to Governors Clerk to Governors for other schools Yes No