Year Six

Autumn Term 2017

This Autumn we have a very exciting and busy term ahead!

 In Numeracy, we will be working our number skills, focusing on more formal methods used to solve addition, multiplication, subtraction and division questions, particularly in word problems. We will particularly be working with decimal numbers, fractions and negative numbers, so practise with these difficult numbers at home would be very helpful! We will also be thinking about problems involving percentages. Data handling and shape will also provide lots of opportunities to have fun and enjoy more practical activities.

We will be having an enjoyable time in Year Six learning about World War Two. In Literacy, we will reading the stories of “Goodnight Mr Tom” and “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas” in order to learn more about the effect of  the war on children in this country and in other countries around the world. This will help us to write our own World War Two narrative stories. We will be using lots of role play to explore how people felt during the war, especially the evacuees and families in air raids. As well as narratives, we will also read and write information texts, persuasive arguments and poems about topics related to World War Two.

 In addition to this, in History we will be discovering interesting facts about rationing, evacuation, the Holocaust and the Blitz and leaders in the war, such as Hitler and Churchill. We will be learning about the Battle of Britain, even linking this with our science topic by thinking about how forces affect planes and pilots. We are hoping to visit the Imperial War Museum later this term to build on our knowledge and understanding of World War Two.

We will also continue to learn French, as well as learning the guitar in Music. In PE we will explore invasion games such as Football and Basketball, and develop our co-ordination and strength in Gymnastics.