Year Five

Autumn Term 2018

We have a very exciting term ahead of us. To begin with, we will be travelling back in time to Ancient Greece, embarking on wild adventures with Theseus, Perseus and Zeus to name a few. Our creative curriculum will help us learn about Ancient Greece in: Literacy, History, Geography, Computing, DT, Art and even PE. We can’t wait!

In class, we will be discovering lots about the Ancient Greeks - their way of life, how their history has influenced our lives today, their amazing myths, art and music. We will go into battle with Athens and Sparta, discovering the techniques used in warfare. We have a lot to thank the Ancient Greeks for: the Olympics, the Marathon, Theatre and Universities.

Our Science lessons will be action packed this term, with plenty of ‘hands on’ activities. We will be experimenting with materials and observing changes to their properties through mixing, burning, cooling and dissolving various materials. I am sure this will be an ‘explosive’ subject!

In French, we will build on our knowledge from last year as we explore our town and talk to the residents asking for directions and numerous destinations.

In Numeracy, we will spend time practising the four rules of number using the schools strategies to support the children’s understanding. As well as working on our times tables each week, we will spend time on solving logic and word problems, 24 hour clock, angles, perimeter and shape.

In Literacy, the children will read some myths, fables & legends, and various stories from other cultures. Each of these texts will be used as a ‘launch’ to inspire the children to develop their own writing skills in each genre. The children have already started to produce some fantastic pieces of writing, this can only improve as we reveal these super texts and engage them with their reading.

PE will be very active and exciting this term! In football, we will be practising passing the ball and moving around the court in preparation for a selection of matches. For indoor PE, the children will be given the opportunity to use the gymnastics equipment to practise their balance and strength.