Year Four

Spring 2019

Welcome Back! We are looking forward to delving straight into learning about our new this term and exploring the world of Vicious Vikings!

Our novel this term will be Stig of the Dump – a modern children’s classic written by Clive King. It was even turned into a BBC mini-series! We will use Stig of the Dump to continue to improve our reading comprehension skills of – Retrieval, Explore, Analyse and Detect. We have an extra focus on justifying and explaining our answers, especially using quotes from the text. Our Literacy units will include writing a diary entry, formal and informal letters, a narrative story and a short play script. We will continue to emphasise our Year 4 “Non-Negotiables” of using capital letters and full stops correctly, as well as reflecting on our own work and making improvements. The children will be also be encouraged to improve their writing using various descriptive techniques, such as “Show, Don’t tell” and figurative language.

Numeracy will continue to focus on the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will encourage the children to move forward to using the formal methods, as well as short multiplication and division. There will also be an emphasis on using the inverse to check their answers.

Our Creative Curriculum this term is exploring the world of the Vicious Vikings. We will be learning how to sculpt Viking longboats, building our own functional longboats, and learning everything we can about the daily life of a Viking and about key events during the Viking Period. We are even looking forward to a special visit by Bjorn the Viking at the end of Spring 1.

                Science will begin by learning about the different parts of our digestive system and their function, followed by the different types and functions of our teeth. We will even compare human teeth to different animals and make connections to teeth and diet. Later in the term we will investigate different food chains and the habitats of various animals, exploring the importance of the environment and how a change in the environment will affect them.

                We have many other things to look forward to this term, such as our trip to St. Paul’s in January, where we will learn about aspects of a Sacred Space, and our specially themed “Writing Week,” with details soon to be announced! We hope your children are as excited for the term as us!

Miss Hutchings and Miss Barrett