Year Three


Summer Term

We’re nearly at the end of the school year and we have certainly accomplished a lot in the past two terms! This term the Egyptians are taking over and we will jump right into the lives of these ancient people. We will learn about their social hierarchy, the pharaohs, mummies, life on the Nile, the pyramids and so much more.

In Literacy we will continue to develop our reading comprehension and writing skills. Units this term include letter writing, instructional writing, poetry and a final adventure narrative.

We will introduce new methods for the four main operations in Numeracy. We will also reinforce our understanding of data, shape, direction, money, time, fractions and measure. It will definitely be busy.

As for our afternoon subjects, we have a busy term. In R.E. we have looked at the Bible in close detail and the varying stories within.  In P.E. we are lucky enough to have a coach for athletics which will keep us very active. Light and Shadows will be our topic for the second half of the term in Science. We will explore light sources, how shadows are made and even create our own sundials. The second half will have us looking at teeth and how to keep ours healthy. In Music, we will build on our knowledge and continue to learn how to read musical notes through body percussion. In French our focus will shift from numbers and emotions to dates including weekdays and months.

Miss Benger and Mrs Dupree are so pleased with everyone’s progress this year and cannot wait to see how much more we can achieve together!