Year Two

Spring Term 2019

This term in Year 2, our theme is Mexican Mayhem! We will be learning all about the Mexican culture and how their houses, lives and food differs from that in the UK. We will also be learning about their traditions, including Aztec and Mayan history and particular celebrations such as ‘Day of the Dead’.

Within our Literacy lessons, we will be studying the Mexican version of Cinderella, named “Adelita”. They will consider the similarities and differences between these texts and will write their own retelling of the story. We will also be creating instructions to make tasty fajitas, a non-chronological report filled with fun facts about Mexico and will even be creating our own travel brochures! We will continue to study appropriate sentence structure, grammar and use of punctuation.

In Numeracy, we will be continuing to develop the children’s basic skills in all four number operations, focusing on using number lines with larger jumps, and grouping numbers to help with quick multiplication and division. They will also become more confident in their use of money, in their understanding of time and measure and will get the chance to collect and interpret data using bar charts, Venn diagrams and tally charts.

Our Science topic for the term is plants, so the children will be learning about how to effectively grow their own seeds, what plants need to grow and reproduce, how different plants differ and how to label the parts of the plant.

The children will also get to use ICT to research the topic of Mexico and create their own work based on this.

Finally, they will explore the use of a range of artistic resources to create images of Chichen Itza, to develop their understanding of the artist Frida Kahlo (who was a famous Mexican artist) and create “Day of the Dead” masks!

All in all, it will be a very exciting term of activities. Feel free to support your children at home by doing your own reading and research all about Mexico, and of course continue to read daily as this helps to improve writing and spelling which impacts all learning!