Year Two


Year 2 – London Calling!

Where has the time gone? Our final term of Year 2 is fast approaching and it will be a busy action filled term so make sure you stay up to date with our upcoming events in the Friday news!

This term, Year 2 will be learning all about London and the historic event that took place on that fateful night in Pudding Lane all those years ago – The Great Fire of London! Children will be given the opportunity to be an eyewitness and report on exactly what happened in Pudding Lane in 1666. Where did the fire start? How did the fire start? Why did the fire start? From their detailed findings, children will have the knowledge to place the events surrounding The Great Fire of London in chronological order on a time line.

Inventively, children will put their creative hand to work and construct a Tudor house out of recyclable materials! Once complete, children will watch Mr Fitzsimons and Mrs Todd set alight their house so they can investigate first hand, how fire destroyed and ruined thousands of houses during this historic event!

During the month of May, children will be given the opportunity to show off their knowledge and skills learned from this year when they sit their Mathematics, Reading, Grammar Punctuation and Spelling SATs assessment. All children have worked exceptionally hard this year and should be commended for their efforts!

Children will be given the opportunity to step in the shoes of an athlete during our PE lessons this term! Later in the term, children will attend our Year 2 Frays Academy Trust Olympic event and be inspired to participate in a variety of engaging events to win gold for St Matthews!

July is the month Year 2 have been waiting for all year… We are off to an exciting day in London where we will get to see all of the sights from the London Eye and experience a leisurely trip up the River Thames! What better way to reward all children (and staff) for their hard work this year. This